Sage - a natural remedy for hot flushes


Now if you ask any herbalist what their go to herb is for hot flushes they will tell you sage. Yup, that common-a-garden plant is a miracle for the hottest of women.

The Geeky Stuff

Sage has been used traditionally for menopausal hot flushes and night sweats for many years. It’s not really known how it works. Research studies have shown that it does improve symptoms, particularly excessive sweating but we don’t know how. It was thought that it affected hormone levels but the showed only change…

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Raw chocolate truffles


I'm a chocoholic.

I love chocolate so much, it's an addiction .

It's the one thing I really miss on a low carb diet. 

So undeterred, I have explored many options for getting a chocolate hit without the high carb sugar badness.

This recipe is one I've invented based on other recipes out there. They are quick and easy to make and as the amounts aren't exact you can play around with them. I hope you enjoy. Warning though - you will want more than one at a time! 


  • 150g ground almo…

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Elderflower Cordial

At the end of May / beginning of June, elder comes into flower. It is a great medicinal plant but also makes a tasty, refreshing summer drink.

Follow my step by step instructions to make this delicious elderflower cordial. This recipe makes 2 - 3 litres of cordial.
  1. Pick about 20 elderflower heads. If they are small you might want to pick a few more. Picking elderflowers
2. In the biggest pan you have, put 1.5 litres of water and 2.5kg of sugar. Put on a very low heat to help dissolve the sugar in the water. It …

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