Chronic Illness

Get A Plan For Your Chronic Illness And Start To Feel Better



Is Your Chronic Illness Running Your Life?

It may be hard to discuss it because you feel embarrassed and wonder what people will say; or it’s hard to describe how it makes you feel; or maybe you’ve lived with it for so long you are just fed up with trying to explain it and wish it would just go away. You may look and feel fine most of the time. But at some point, you may feel ill or have less energy. You may not be able to work as hard, or you may need to take breaks for self-care.

You are not alone

Having a chronic illness can often mean a lifetime of managing it as frequently there is no cure. Sometimes the medicines our GP or consultant can offer will give us side effects so severe that we would rather be in pain or suffer the illness then take them.

I often see people for who herbal medicine feels like a resort and who find a new lease of life.

When I tried herbal medicine for my own chronic illness I went from being in pain every day to being completely pain free after three months of treatment. In studying herbal medicine, I learned how I can manage it so I can live my best life and not a life clouded by being ill. If you are suffering with a chronic illness and don’t know where to turn next, book a free telephone or video consultation and we will discuss what options are open to you. If herbal medicine is not the best course of action for you, I will tell you and together we will find a way for you to find relief.