What Are My Options To Improve My Chances?



Fertility Issues Can Be A Lonely Place

We assume it will just happen naturally…. That it happens naturally for everyone else.Yet 3.5 million people (that’s 1 in 7 couples) in the UK have problems conceiving and that number is on the increase. And more than one third of these have “unexplained infertility” – also known as doctors don’t know why. Miscarriages are commonplace – more common that you think. 1 in 7 known pregnancies will end in miscarriage with many more happening before a women evens knows she’s pregnant.

Improve Your Chances

No-one can guarantee that you will get pregnant but it is possible to improve your chances by taking control of your health – even if you are going down the IVF route.When it comes to fertility, stress is the enemy. Having a good stress-busting routine is essential.Our diet and other health concerns can also have a profound effect on our fertility.

What are my options?

Herbal medicine can help to increase your chances by helping to manage existing conditions that affect fertility such PCOS and endometriosis. There is also evidence that it can help increase your chances of a successful IVF cycle by improving egg quality.