Are You Constantly Stressed Out?

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact it has helped the human race survive. Stress is our body’s response to danger. This is great when we have a sabre-toothed tiger chasing after us as it means that we can run away very quickly. However in today’s modern world there aren’t many sabre-toothed tigers around….. well not literally anyway! Instead our stresses come in many different ways. It could be work problems, money worries, issues at home, and even doing too much. Or it could be a combination of things. Whatever the reasons, we are pretty good at handling stress when it’s a short-term issue – in fact studies show a small amount of short term stress can be good for us. But if we constantly have deadlines and other problems that just won’t go away, THEN we need to do something about it

Find peace

Our attitude towards situations is one of the biggest things that we can change. This isn’t positive thinking but more acceptance and compassion toward ourselves. Understanding how we react to stressful situations is another biggie. We can get a range of physical and emotional symptoms so knowing our bodies is key to self-care. We can do a lot of alleviate stress by eating the right foods, exercising regularly and have self-care practices that we do at home.

What to do next

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