You Know What is Best For You!

Coaching starts with the principle that you know what is best for you and my role as a coach is to help you find what that is. Most people have heard of coaching in work or business setting but there is growing evidence that health and wellness coaching can really make a difference to our well-being.

How can it help?

As well as being great for mental health concerns such as stress and anxiety, coaching can also support anyone with chronic illness. Often when we have a long term medical condition we need to make changes. These could be to our diet and lifestyle but similarly it could be to our outlook and how we view our health. Scientific evidence shows that coaching can have a profound effect on the effectiveness of medical treatment by empowering us to take responsibility for our health.

What is coaching like?

Coaching is a series of conversations designed to support your personal growth. Coaching can often tackle long held beliefs and you need to feel comfortable with who you are sharing your experiences with for it to be truly effective. The most important thing when starting a period coaching is finding the right person for you.

Although it is possible to feel benefit from a single coaching session, often people sign up to a programme of six or more coaching sessions. If you do this we will set an overall goal for the work (what you want to achieve). At each session we will talk about whatever you bring to the session – no two are alike! We will start by setting the goal for the session; this may be related to your overall goal but equally it may be something completely different – it’s all relevant. And we talk…..

Am I the right coach for you?

I use various coaching techniques to support your development. Many of these are based around the cognitive behavioural coaching approach but I also include motivational and solution focused coaching techniques. If relevant, I may also bring in some techniques from mindfulness or contemplative psychology.

Because we will be entering a partnership for a period of time, I offer a free 15 minute phone or video chat before we start our work together. This gives us the opportunity to discuss what you want to get from coaching and find out if we can work together. Do get in touch if you are unsure and we can see if coaching is right for you.