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About Victoria

Just a bit about our medical herbalist, Victoria. She has a rigorous and scientific approach to helping people understand their own health issues thanks to 10 years experience working as a research scientist. This is uniquely combined with compassion and mindfulness following 15 years of meditation training. After completing six years of extensive training to be a Medical Herbalist, Victoria was delighted to be invited to join the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. We will work together to find the best way to manage your particular health concerns.


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"I am passionate about continued learning so regularly attend further training opportunities and keep up to date with the latest scientific research."

Fertility and Hormones

Fertility issues can be a lonely place. We assume it will just happen naturally…. That it happens naturally for everyone else. Yet 3.5 million people (that’s 1 in 7 couples) in the UK have problems conceiving and that number is on the increase. 

Women's Health Concerns

Women's Health and Menopause​

We all start to notice changes in our bodies as we get older. But how do we know if those changes are normal and are menopause? Too often we are told “it’s just your age” or it’s “women’s problems.” We are scared, but it needn’t be like that. There is no need to suffer alone. 

Stress Management

Stress can rear its ugly head in a number of physical and mental symptoms. It can cause anxiety, depression, heart issues and a number of illnesses. Knowledge is the first step to combat stress. 

Women's Health Concerns

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness can be so frustrating and hopeless when doctors can’t tell you how to fix it. It is the leading health issues among Europeans and can be treated and even preventable.