Do You Want Guidance With Your Overall Health and Wellness?

As a woman, each stage of life brings new experiences, inspirations & challenges, especially to our bodies! But when we think about our well being we often only think about our bodies. We rarely consider the many facets of our lives that all connect with our wellbeing: health, career, money, love, relationships and our spiritual self.

To be truly healthy we need balance

Often if feel unwell, but aren’t really sure why, or we repeatedly feel like “coming down with something”, this can be a sign that we are out of balance. This out of balance isn’t just a feeling. It can be a sign that our we have a hormone imbalance. Hormones are the body’s messengers. When they are in balance we feel full of energy and vitality, our immune systems works well and we feel happy.

Life is good

Our hormone balance can be affected by many aspects of our life. I believe that in order to be truly healthy, we need to look after not only our physical health, but our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing as well.

Whether your periods are irregular and painful; you’re trying to conceive, you’re pregnant or have just had a baby; or maybe you’re over the age of 40 and looking towards the challenges of menopause, you’ll be facing specific female health. A combination of coaching and herbal medicine might be just what you need to get to you feeling like your best self. So why not book in for a free telephone consultation to find out more.