Health Coaching - a new contemplative approach

Health starts with our mind and soul and health coaching helps.

We've all been there - we've had a stressful couple of weeks at work trying to finish off before we head off on the holiday of a lifetime; only to find that as soon as we relax the lurgy comes out of nowhere and flattens us. Instead of soaking up sun, sea and sangria, we're indoors sipping honey and lemon, and wishing we had an endless supply of tissues. So what has this got to do with coaching?

How health coaching helps make you healthy

Most people have heard of coaching in a work or business setting but there is growing evidence that health and wellness coaching can really make a difference to our well-being.

As well as being great for mental health concerns such as stress and anxiety, coaching can also support anyone with chronic illness. Often when we have a long term medical condition we need to make changes. These could be to our diet and lifestyle but similarly it could be to our outlook and how we view our health. Scientific evidence shows that coaching can have a profound effect on the effectiveness of medical treatment by empowering us to take responsibility for our health.

How is Contemplative Coaching Different?

Most health professionals deal only with the physical. Most coaches deal only with the mind. And yet, many of us have a more spiritual outlook on life.

In Karuna contemplative psychology training we become familiar with our own mind, and discover that mindfulness and compassion are natural and healthy components of the human mind and heart. Through meditation and contemplation, we learn to recognise and nurture these innate qualities.

Drawing on this training, I work with others in a transformative and compassionate manner. I merge the healing processes that are part of the contemplative psychology journey with cognitive behavioural and solution focused coaching techniques. This allows us to connect on a spiritual level so that together we can transform everyday life challenges into opportunities for openness and wisdom.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in coach that have a read through my coaching page. Working with a coach is a very personal journey so it is important that you find a coach that you feel like you have develop a good connection with. I offer a free, no obligation, phone call to anyone who might be interested in working with me so why not book in here. I'd love to talk with you.


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