Rosemary for remembrance


Rosemary is a beautiful herb that has a lot more uses than flavouring lamb..... which it does pretty well.

Traditionally it was used to strengthen the memory - hence the old adage.

The nice thing about rosemary is that just the smell is enough to have an effect - ask any invigilator in a herbal medicine exam and they will tell you the room smells fragrantly of rosemary.  

Recent research is providing the evidence supporting this traditional use (I always like it when science catches up!).

In a study of students, they found that those who smelled rosemary when studying performed 10% better in exams than those who didn't.

In another study, this time of patients with dementia, it was found that smeling rosemary for 15 minutes was enough to improve cognitive function.

Two great reasons to pop a couple of drops of rosemary essential oil into an oil burner..... but don't forget to blow out the candle when you're finished! 

But that's not all....  

Rosemary is also great for improving circulation which can be helpful for a range of health concerns including low energy. 

One of my favourite uses, though, is as a hair tonic to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth. This makes it a must have for any sort of hormonal or stress related hair loss. Try making a strong infusion to use as a natural conditioner for beautiful hair. 


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