It's Easter weekend and me and Mr LivingHerb have just returned from visiting my uncle.

My uncle is a priest and for many years has worked as a chaplain in various hospitals. This weekend he was planning a funeral so inevitably our conversation turned to not only death but life. After all, spring is the time when natural comes back to life after its long winter sleep.

It got me thinking about how our lives ebb and flow.

When we are young our minds are filled with great dreams and plans, like the buds on the trees ready to burst into life.

But as we get older, we forget the promises we've made ourselves.We become so bogged down in making a living that we forget to make for ourselves the life that we dreamed off.

Watching as my uncle ages and adjusts to retirement, hearing him talk of the pastoral care he gives those who are now too sick to leave their homes, I wonder how are we living today that will help our lives in the future. What gifts are we giving our older selves?  

We have a choice now.

We can look after our bodies and minds now and give ourselves the gift of healthy ageing.

Living in the moment does not mean neglecting our future health but instead means appreciating the gifts we can give ourselves.

I don't know about you but I have certainly over-indulged in chocolate this weekend - was that a gift? Well, although it was definitely pleasurable I'm not sure my future self would thank me if I lived like that everyday. So instead I will return to my usual low-carb diet that's filled with veggies.

What gift will you give your future self that will transform your later life?