Spring Sneezes

It's that time of year again, when the pollen count starts to increase, your nose and eyes start itching and you're sneezing as if you have the 'flu from hell. Yes, it's hayfever season!

But don't despair. All month on Facebook  and twitter I will be sharing some tips on how to beat the spring sneezes.

Some people find a spoonful a day of natural local honey relieves hayfever‬. It is thought that ingesting local allergens helps build immunity. There isn't much scientific evidence to back this but if you like honey it's worth a try. Contact your local beekeepers‬ association to get your's and support local bees too.

Other people find that vitamin C and E supplements really help to relieve hayfever symptoms.

Both of these are long term treatments that need to be started long before the pollen count rises.

If your are still suffering, then herbal medicine may be a good option. Check out my tips or make an appointment to come and see me.




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