When life gives you lemons and you can’t make lemonade
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I’ve taken a break from the blogging and promoting my business for the last 6 months or so and I thought it was time to explain why…. grief. At the beginning of August 2018, my little sister took her own … Read More

Stressed out? Like Menopause wasn’t bad enough.
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Menopause and stress don’t mix. I mean, our lives are stressful enough right? We have problems at work, unruly children and tetchy parents all demanding our attention. Our lives have become more and more stretched and we just can’t find … Read More

Three things you can do today to prevent cancer
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Last weekend I attended a 2 and a half day course on collaborative oncology. It was both inspiring and hard going as we learned about how herbal medicine can be used in support of the treatment of cancer. From improving … Read More

7 things to do when you have too much to do
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I’ve noticed quite a few people saying that they’re feeling overwhelmed so I thought I was share what I have found useful. When I did my herbal medicine degree, I had a very intense full time job as well. There … Read More

Herb of the Month – Chamomile!
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Chamomile’s relaxing properties have been known for hundreds of years. It is used for mild insomnia, stress and anxiety. If you have trouble sleeping or even if you’ve had a bad day, relaxing before bed with a cup of chamomile … Read More

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