Sage – a natural remedy for hot flushes


Now if you ask any herbalist what their go to herb is for hot flushes they will tell you sage. Yup, that common-a-garden plant is a miracle for the hottest of women. The Geeky Stuff Sage has been used traditionally for … Read More

Night Sweats or Night Moves?


“Hot flushes are bad enough in the day time but I also had them at night which meant I had very disturbed sleep. I used to wake up from these night sweats literally dripping wet.” It can be normal to … Read More

How to look hot when you’re hot


What to wear when your hot flushes take over “I felt an overwhelming heat that spreads through my whole body.  I remember stripping off layers of clothing and being desperate to open the window during my hot flushes.  Of course, you … Read More