Sleeping like a cat

My cats love to sleep. In fact, I think my boy cat is only ever awake when he is hungry. He just eats and sleeps.

But for many, at least at some point in our lives, we will have trouble sleeping. That could be trouble getting to sleep, or waking up in the middle of the night or just too early. And then of course we start to worry about not being able to sleep which makes it worse.

But fear not, some simple changes to your bedtime routine can really help. Here's my top 3 tips.

  1. Switch off - turn off your laptop and smart phones at least 30 mins before bed. If you can turn off the TV too. Maybe try reading instead. The light from  modern devices tricks your body into thinking it's daytime.
  2. Relax - try some relaxation techniques to help your muscles relax. This will also relax your brain and turn off unwanted thoughts.
  3. Black-out - no I am not talking about passing out! Make sure you bedroom is dark enough. If it's not, invest in some black-out blinds. It's important that your bedroom  dark enough.

I hope these tips help you get a good night's sleep. Zzzzzz

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