Sage – a natural remedy for hot flushes
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Now if you ask any herbalist what their go to herb is for hot flushes they will tell you sage. Yup, that common-a-garden plant is a miracle for the hottest of women. The¬†Geeky Stuff Sage has been used traditionally for … Read More

Raw chocolate truffles
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I’m a chocoholic. I love chocolate so much, it’s an addiction . It’s the one thing I really miss on a low carb diet.  So undeterred, I have explored many options for getting a chocolate hit without the high carb … Read More

Elderflower Cordial
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At the end of May / beginning of June, elder comes into flower. It is a great medicinal plant but also makes a tasty, refreshing summer drink. Follow my step by step instructions to make this delicious elderflower cordial. This … Read More

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