Rosemary for remembrance
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Rosemary is a beautiful herb that has a lot more uses than flavouring lamb….. which it does pretty well. Traditionally it was used to strengthen the memory – hence the old adage. The nice thing about rosemary is that just … Read More

The Lion’s Teeth 
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If your garden is anything like mine at this time of year, out of your lawn, the flower beds, cracks in the patio, in fact out of any available nook and cranny will be growing beautifully bright yellow flowers.  To … Read More

A Rose by any other name…..
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Herb of the month – Rose Ever since I was a child playing in my grandparents’ garden, I have loved the smell of rose. I would pick the petals and try to made “rose water.” It always turned out terribly … Read More

Herb of the Month – Chamomile!
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Chamomile’s relaxing properties have been known for hundreds of years. It is used for mild insomnia, stress and anxiety. If you have trouble sleeping or even if you’ve had a bad day, relaxing before bed with a cup of chamomile … Read More

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