It’s Easter weekend and me and Mr LivingHerb have just returned from visiting my uncle. My uncle is a priest and for many years has worked as a chaplain in various hospitals. This weekend he was planning a funeral so … Read More

Diary of a Detox

A lot of my herbalist colleagues recommend detoxing to patients. The form of these vary from hardcore juice fasting to a more gentle approach. As a scientist, I am quite skeptical about this sort of thing but having recently listened … Read More

Lessons from a detox and should you do it?

I recently decided to try out a 5 day detox (you can read about my experience here (ADD LINK). Being very skeptical about whether or not detoxing works, I wanted to evaluate from personal experience if it was worth it … Read More

Have you lost your mojo?

Do you suffer from low energy? Here are 5 causes of fatigue and low energy, how to recognise them and more importantly, what you can do about it.

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