When life gives you lemons and you can’t make lemonade
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I’ve taken a break from the blogging and promoting my business for the last 6 months or so and I thought it was time to explain why…. grief. At the beginning of August 2018, my little sister took her own … Read More

Sage – a natural remedy for hot flushes
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Now if you ask any herbalist what their go to herb is for hot flushes they will tell you sage. Yup, that common-a-garden plant is a miracle for the hottest of women. The Geeky Stuff Sage has been used traditionally for … Read More

Stressed out? Like Menopause wasn’t bad enough.
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Menopause and stress don’t mix. I mean, our lives are stressful enough right? We have problems at work, unruly children and tetchy parents all demanding our attention. Our lives have become more and more stretched and we just can’t find … Read More

Night Sweats or Night Moves?
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“Hot flushes are bad enough in the day time but I also had them at night which meant I had very disturbed sleep. I used to wake up from these night sweats literally dripping wet.” It can be normal to … Read More

How to look hot when you’re hot
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What to wear when your hot flushes take over “I felt an overwhelming heat that spreads through my whole body.  I remember stripping off layers of clothing and being desperate to open the window during my hot flushes.  Of course, you … Read More

Menopause FAQ – Am I in Menopause?
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As we get older we notice our bodies start to change. From greying hair and sagging boobs to not being able to read our phone any more without the help of glasses, getting older takes its toll. But aside from … Read More

The Importance of Space
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I won’t lie. It’s been a bit chaotic here at The Living Herb over the last few months. The annual family holiday was swiftly followed by dealing with serious family illness and the stark realisation that I had taken on … Read More

How to choose a natural therapist
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I recently had a Facebook discussion with a fellow herbalist. We were both shocked by some of the things a so called herbal medicine page had posted. The article in discussion was advocating treatment that was outright harmful if not … Read More

Raw chocolate truffles
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I’m a chocoholic. I love chocolate so much, it’s an addiction . It’s the one thing I really miss on a low carb diet.  So undeterred, I have explored many options for getting a chocolate hit without the high carb … Read More

Rosemary for remembrance
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Rosemary is a beautiful herb that has a lot more uses than flavouring lamb….. which it does pretty well. Traditionally it was used to strengthen the memory – hence the old adage. The nice thing about rosemary is that just … Read More

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